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women empowerment  in India

Women & Girl Empowerment In India

Women & Girl Empowerment

Women empowerment can be defined easily as it makes women powerful and they can take decision related to their lives by themselves and they can live a good life in a society. To make women enable to achieve their real rights in society and make powerful is known as women empowerment

What is the need of women empowerment in India?

As we all know that India is a patriarchate of men where men can work in any field or every area of society but women only take household responsibilities and there many restrictions raised on them. Only about 50 percent of India's population consists of women which means that country need this half of the population as well for its development which is still not strong enough and is bound by several social sanctions. In such a situation we can't say that without strengthening half the population the country will be developed in future. If we want our country to be developed, so it is important that the women empowerment should be promoted by men, women and by government themselves.

Women's empowerment was needed because there was gender inequality in India since ancient times and was patriarchate society. Women were let down many times by their families or societies for lots of reasons as well as they had to go through many violence and had to face discrimination created b y their families and this is not to be seen in India only but in other countries as well. Wrong and old tradition Practices followed by the ancient times for the women were converted into new customs. In Indian society to give women respect, mother sister, wives, daughters are worshipped as goddess but that really doesn't meant by worshipping hey can contribute their share developing country. Today it is important that half of the population gets empowerment in all the fields and they can work in all areas to make country develop...

India is a famous country that is proved by the phrase 'unity in diversity' where there in Indian society people lives of different religion. Women have given different place in every religion but still it's helping people to molest women's either physically or mentally. In ancient Indian society there are many different discriminatory customs like Sati practice, dowry, sexual violence, domestic violence, purdah system, female foeticide, sexual exploitation at workplace, child labor, child marriage etc. Such phenomenon is due to the male superiority.

women & girl empowerment in India

Social, political rights (freedom to work, right to education etc) were banned altogether by male members of family. Wrong trends against women were eliminated by the open minded people and raise their voice against women discrimination. Only because of the persistence Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Englishman was forced to end the practice of sati. Later, other Indian social reformers (Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Swami Vivekananda, etc.) also raised their voices and fought hard to uplift women standards. To improve the situation of widows in India Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar made constant efforts and started a widow re-marriage act in 1856.

In last few years there are several constitutional and legal rights are created and enforced to eliminate gender inequality and bad practices. However, to solve such a major topic a continued support is needed including women, Modern society is more aware of women's rights as a result, many are working in the direction of self-help groups and NGOs. Women are more open-minded and to obtain their rights in all dimensions they are breaking down social barriers. However, these are running along with the offense.

Parliament to empower women rights have passed some legal rights like - the equal remuneration Act 1976, stop dowry Act1961, Immoral Traffic (Prevention) 1956, Medical Termination of pregnancy Act 1987, Child Marriage Restraint Act 2006 gender testing techniques (controller and prevention of misuse) Act 1994, Sexual harassment of women at workplace Act 2013.


To really develop women empowerment in society the main thing is to understand the main reasons going on for evil practices and to remove arrangements created by males. It is important to change the old thinking against women and brought changes the help of constitutions and legal provisions.

Our NGO Muskan has taken an initiative to aware people among women empowerment and take a stand to improve thinking of people and make them little bit open minded towards the society. We had done many programs, seminars, door to door visits and campaigns to aware as much of people we can do.

We also request you to kindly give your contribution either economically or physically or mentally so that we can make our country develop and can remove this evil practices from country. Through your support we can help women to live their lives according to them and it will make an opportunity for them to take a stand for their rights. For more information you can visit http://www.muskanforall.com/ or write us at muskanforindia@gmail.com

By Ritika Jain
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