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Water Sanitation In India

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Our Priorities In Water, Sanitation And Hygiene

Ample and appropriate drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene are all extremely important ingredients to secure human health. Drinking water supply and sanitation in India continue to be insufficient, despite long established efforts by the different levels of government and communities at improving coverage. India is already today struggling to cope with constantly recurring water shortages and the scantiness of their existing water infrastructure. We are also facing never before known population growth, rapid urbanization, and increased economic activity. Basic needs stay in the same condition and unmet, and the human right to water and sanitation remains unrealized for billions of people all over the India. The India’s drinking water situation is improving. However, it is still a cause for concern. The India’s sanitation problem requires urgent attention. Today, billions of people still deficient in access to basic sanitation. To realize sanitation’s health benefits and the full sanitation chain, must be considered. Hygiene is one another global health challenge. The burden of water-related diseases deprived something of efforts to improve public health in the developing world. Diarrhea is mostly often related to unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation and inadequate hygiene is one of the main causes of death among children and Women. It kills more children and Women than Malaria or HIV/AIDS or other diseases.

Taking all of the above into account, water, sanitation and hygiene must be given greater priority in the health community.

We work to ensure children, women and their communities have access to clean water and sanitary facilities all year around and in emergencies. From the last 15 years MUSKAN has worked on capacity building, awareness creation, design and supervision of development activities in the rural as well as urban water and sanitation sector. MUSKAN raises awareness around the health risks of openly excretion in fields, a common practice in the villages all over India through it’s awareness camps and campaigns. MUSKAN helps the communities to plan for and build toilets, and teaches people about the importance of regularly washing their hands with soap.

Teach Hand Washing Skill By Muskan

Before the MUSKAN’S project, women and children were not using soap to wash their hands and the communities were very dirty. Though work was difficult to begin with, MUSKAN had to build trust by spending long hours with the communities, discussing their challenges and the ways and methods they could find solutions to sanitation and hygiene problems. This led to the creation of a community action plan about building toilets and being clean, which MUSKAN made in collaboration with the community through the Area Organization and a Community Resource Person. Muskan’s volunteers visits regularly every couple of days to give support to the community and to discuss any related problems. Hygiene and sanitation are special problems for women and young girls, recognize the full worth of toilets as they allow for privacy, especially when they are menstruating. In the past few years we have reached millions of children & women with hygiene messages on handwashing with soap, encouraged lakhs of people to construct their own bathrooms & toilets and provided financial help to construct the same and provided water to thousands of people all over the India.

We know that our water, sanitation and hygiene work has greater impact and able to be maintained at a certain upheld level in the long-run if it is integrated into the health, education and livelihood sectors.

All the volunteers of MUSKAN left with an improved awareness of the key issues in water, sanitation, health and hygiene. They also have new and improved skills in act of assessment that will help them do more sustainable and effective work in the future. All appreciated and recognized the efforts of MUSKAN. Keeping relevance in mind that they all started at different levels this was a great outcome of the awareness practice.

And now people are building and maintaining their own toilets and changing their hygiene behavior positively as a result of Muskan’s efforts and awareness camps and campaigns, and hygiene education is implemented.


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